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Hi! I’m Kate, a dutch free spirit with a desire for sensual adventure.

I am chaotic by nature and keep myself on track by having lists for everything! I have a demanding job and keep a tight schedule outside my naughty escapades and you can often find me in one of my favorite coffee shops, working on my laptop.

I love connecting with all kinds of people and am mostly powered by tea and latte’s and the occasional glas of wine.

In my spare time, I like to enjoy the tranquility of nature. I follow a shamanic path and try to recharge myself as often as possible with my bare feet in the grass. It’s all about balance.

I am fiercely loyal to the notion that you should love what you do! I value learning wherever possible, and laughing often.

I easily blend in to any situation and love to take you on a little adventure around town. Let’s schedule a date!


Hotel or wellness (fully arranged)

Outcall (your location)

Every now and then I host an incall at various locations, but this is a rare occasion. These type of dates are suitable for the gentlemen who wish to meet for a short introduction, before booking a longer date.

1 hour: €200

2 hours: €400
3 hours: €510
4 hours: €630
6 hours: €920

I don’t host at my home, but I’m happy to book us a hotel room, or arrange space for us at one of the beautiful hourly apartment rentals I use, for an additional fee. Do you want me to arrange a location? Book one of these specials!

2 hours hotel: €465
3 hours hotel: €610
4 hours hotel: €755
6 hours hotel: €1.070

2 hours wellness: €565
3 hours wellness: €735
4 hours wellness: €880
6 hours wellness: €1.220

I’d be delighted to join you at your home or hotel in the Netherlands.

I cater mostly to gentlemen in the area of Utrecht, but I travel all over the Netherlands.

(* minimum hours of booking may vary)

2 hours: €400
3 hours: €510
4 hours: €630
6 hours: €920

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Yes, I’m into BDSM… but not with everyone!


New layout


Healthy living | Gezond leven


Why I don’t like reviews | Waarom ik niet van recensies houd




Screening is mandatory for all new clients! I understand your anxieties, so I try to make it as easy as possible.

My method of screening will not interfere with your private life whatsoever en no-one will notice!

Please fill out all requested information to streamline the process.

Your information is handled with the utmost care and is always kept confidential. I’m not asking for much, I just want to know who I’m meeting with. This process is for our mutual safety and allows us both to be more confident in our communications.

When a suitor sends over complete screening information, I feel confident that they respect my boundaries. There really is nothing more enticing than an admirer who makes this process painless.

  • I accept references as a way to screen, and I am also reference friendly if you want to see someone else after our date.
  • If you do not have references, because you are new to this, no worries! I have a few more options to screen.
  • For couples, both parties must screen.
  • Want to discuss details of our time together? Get screened first!

Since I have a full life outside this pursuit, I am rarely available to meet for same-day appointments. I very much prefer to plan ahead.

Generally speaking, I’m available between 8 AM and (starting before) 22 PM.

Although I wish I was at my best in the evenings, I am wired to be a morning person. I’d love to watch a beautiful sunrise together or enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed.

Planning ahead is highly suggested to give us the best chances of being able to meet!


Please fill out my contact form. Provide me with a polite introduction and provider references if you have any. Also, a little information about what type of date you hope to enjoy with me would be nice.


(Legal) age, gender, orientation, race, size and dis/ability don’t factor into my decision to see someone or not.

I’m bisexual, and experienced with lovers of all genders and all bodies. It’s incredibly important to me that I create a safe space for everyone.

Just keep in mind that not all my locations are accessible with a wheelchair. So if you have a disability, please inform me beforehand, so we can plan our date accordingly.

Get In Touch

If you want more information, or prefer to book by phone, you can reach me by sending a message on +31619519883. You can reach me by SMS, whatsapp or signal. No phonecalls!